2022 Meeting Minutes

Monthly parish council meetings are held at Gargrave Village Hall, West Street on the first Wednesday of the month.

All parishioners are welcome to attend for the start time of 7.15 PM

The minutes of Parish council meetings can be downloaded in PDF format below. If you do not have a PDF reader, get one free from the internet by using the link https://get.adobe.com/uk/reader.

The meeting agendas are published the week before the meetings, see below, or please see our notice board for the latest agenda.  The notice board is located off the A65 Main Street near the public toilets and Summer Seat, or you can contact the Clerk to the Council for a copy.

Planned meetings for 2022

Agenda 12 January 2022                PC_Minutes_12_January_2022

Agenda 2 February 2022               PC_Minutes_02_ February_2022

Agenda 2 March 2022                     PC_Minutes_02_March_2022

Agenda 6 April 2022                        PC_Minutes_6_April_2022

Agenda 4 May 2022 (003)            PC_Minutes_4_May_2022

Agenda 1 June 2022                         PC_Minutes_01_June_2022

Agenda 6 July 2022                       PC_Minutes_6_July_2022

Agenda 3 August 2022                  PC_Minutes_3_August_2022

Agenda 5 October 2022                PC_Minutes_05_October_2022

Agenda 2 November 2022          PC_Minutes_2_November_2022

Agenda – Budget and Finance Meeting 21.11.22   Finance Meeting Notes 21.11.22

Agenda 7 December 2022        PC_Minutes_7_December_2022