Public Footpath modification order

Notice of the confirmation of a Definitive Map Modification Order
The North Yorkshire Council
Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981
Public Footpath No. 05.20/19, Gargrave
Modification Order
On 22 September 2023, North Yorkshire County Council confirmed the above-named Order.
The effect of the confirmed Order is to modify the Definitive Map by adding Public Footpath
commencing on the A65 Main Street at GR SD 9290854143 and running North-North East for
approximately 25 metres to GR SD 9291354164.
A copy of the confirmed Order and map may be seen free of charge during normal office hours at
Skipton Library, North Yorkshire until 5/12/2023. Copies of the Order and Map may be purchased
from Countryside Access Service, North Yorkshire Council, County Hall, Northallerton, North
Yorkshire, DL7 8AD (tel: 03001312131) at a cost of £2.00, or can be downloaded free from our
If any person aggrieved by the confirmed Order wishes to question its validity on the ground that it
is not within the power of Section 53 of the above-named Act, or that any requirement of Schedule
15 of the Act has not been complied with in relation to the Order, he or she may, within 42 days of
the date of this Notice, make an application to the High Court under Schedule 15(12) to the Act.
Dated: 24/10/2023
Barry Khan,
Assistant Chief Executive,
(Legal and Democratic Services)