2022 Meeting Minutes

The Monthly Parish Council Meeting of Wednesday 12 January 2022 will be held at the usual time of 7.15pm, in the Match Room, not the Annex Room this month. The meeting is open to all as usual.

Following advice received with regards to the current COVID- Omicron, if you would like to attend then;
1 – You will be required to show your vaccination passport or proof of having both vaccinations and the booster.
2 – If you do not have the above then proof of a negative COVID test in either an email or text from NHS and no less that 24 hours of testing negative.
3 – Face Mask wearing will be mandatory during the meeting and while in the Match Room.
4 – Social distancing will also be required during the meeting.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Agenda 12 January 2022