River Wall Public Notice

 Many of you will be aware of the recent collapse of the river wall in the area of the Plantation near the public toilets and the electricity sub-station. The Parish Council has been monitoring the wall and the Plantation for many months and has, with the help and advice of various bodies, been considering the options going forward.

Proceedings have, as you will understand, been somewhat hampered by the pandemic and its effects on meetings and site visits, but plans have now been confirmed to replace the lost section of the wall, restoring it to its original appearance whilst also strengthening it so that it is in the best possible condition to withstand the test of time and any future high water levels. In addition, the Plantation, which has, for safety reasons, been closed, will be made safe and, upon completion of the work, will once again be open for the enjoyment of all now and for generations to come.

As you can appreciate, the repair to the wall and the area behind it is a costly undertaking and the PC will need to take a loan in order to assist with the funding of this venture. The loan required is £75,000.  Repayments will be made from our current funds and there will be no increase to this year’s parish precept charge

Work cannot commence until the loan has been approved. The Environment Agency will only allow the work to be done between the 25th March and the 30th September inclusive. It is hoped to complete the work in as timely a manner as possible once funding is in place.

Should parishioners wish to raise any issues connected with the work, comments should be addressed to the Parish Clerk by email at gargravepc@yahoo.com or by post to the Parish Clerk, Parish Offices, Gargrave Village Hall, West Street, Gargrave, Skipton BD23 3RD by Friday 19 March 2021.