Planning Archives

This page is the repository for previously published planning documents. All documents are available for download as PDF files.

A further agreed revision to the plan was issued in March 2017. This revision was to remove the Old Sawmill site as an option for development due to concerns over flooding.

This final plan is to be incorporated into the Craven Local Plan which itself is due for agreement by June 2017. To view this plan please click on the link below.

Gargrave Submission Neighbourhood Development Plan March 2017

Gargrave’s Neighbourhood plan, dated July 2016, was submitted for inclusion in the Craven Local Plan. To view this please click on the link below:

Gargrave Submission Neighbourhood Development Plan

Other previously issued documents are listed below:


Results of Residents Feedback

Plan and Notification GDND



Gargrave Site Assessment Methodology 15.02.15

Gargrave Call for Sites Assessment Report – Updated 29th May 2015

Gargrave Narrative