Pesticide Weed Spraying

There has been discussion on the subject of spraying of pesticides and weed control around the village. The topic was raised at the last council meeting and since then there has been some social media discussion on this subject. The council would like to add some further detail to clarify the current position. 

There are two elements to the village maintenance. The first is the work done on our three village greens, our playground and other “green” areas within the village which are under the Parish Council’s control. This work is carried out by a local firm who are contracted to the council. The second element is the work done by North Yorkshire Council who have the responsibility to maintain the verges for example on the A65 and other roadside areas within the village.

For the avoidance of any doubt the Council would like to state that it did not authorise the spraying of any pesticides on the village greens, playground etc in 2019. The council have no knowledge of any spraying being done in any of these areas. For information the council also has no intention of agreeing to do any spraying in the forthcoming 2020 village greens contract. The last time the council were aware that any spraying of pesticides on the greens was done, was on the Bank Holiday 2018 and it was stopped after that.

The second element is the spraying done by NYCC to keep the village and its approaches tidy. The council are in discussion with NYCC to establish what type of pesticide is being used by them and what they are proposing to use in 2020. GPC will report further to the next council meeting when we have replies from NYCC and more information to hand.

If you have any comments to make please email the Clerk to the Council.