Community Emergency Plan

There has been some discussion/confusion during the last few days about the council’s Community Emergency Plan and whether it could play any part in dealing with the current Coronavirus pandemic issue.

This plan does NOT include any contingency arrangements for the virus pandemic that now confronts the country. The plan is intended for use in the eventuality of a local flood, fire, explosion etc but not for pandemics.

There is a “ring round pyramid” plus a volunteer list in the plan for escalating any reported problems. This list cannot be displayed on our website as we do not have permission to publish their personal details.  For information the Clerk has posted the front sheet of the plan in the council’s notice board informing of who to contact should an emergency situation arise which is covered by the Emergency Plan.

Our plan was drawn up in conjunction with North Yorkshire County Council using a blueprint given to us and shared by many other villages who are also developing their own plans. At last month’s open public meeting we were able to discuss the plan with the NYCC people responsible for approving it. If you have any queries on the plan please contact the Clerk but we can confirm it has no references to the current virus pandemic.

The opening page of the plan showing the emergency contact numbers is shown by clicking on the link below. 

Community Emergency Plan January 2021