Consultation Second Draft Affordable Housing Document


Second Draft Affordable Housing SPD
Start date: Monday 15th February 2021
End date: Monday 29th March 2021
Craven District Council is carrying out a second public consultation on its Draft Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), which will run from Monday 15th February for a six-week period until Monday 29th March 2021. Representations are invited on this draft SPD and should be received no later than Monday 29th March 2021.

You will be aware that there was a six-week period of public consultation on the first consultation draft SPD from 1st September to 13th October 2020. Representations submitted during the first consultation have been taken into account and, where appropriate, the draft SPD has been changed.

The Council is now required to publish the following documents for public consultation:
• Draft Affordable Housing SPD;
• The Council’s Consultation Statement, which summarises the main issues arising from representations received during the first consultation period and explains how the Council has assessed them; and
• Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitat Regulations Assessment Screening Reports relating to the content of the draft SPD.
These documents have been published on the Council’s website at: Inspection of paper documents at the Council offices is not possible due to current national lockdown restrictions.

As representations submitted during the first public consultation have already been considered, they should not be resubmitted. Representations are now invited on the current draft Affordable Housing SPD. Your representations should be made in writing by email (preferred) or post to:

The Spatial Planning Team
Craven District Council
1 Belle Vue Square
Broughton Road
BD23 1FJ

In making your representations, please be as clear as possible about which parts of the draft SPD or other consultation documents you are referring to. You should make specific reference to the relevant paragraph numbers and sections in your response. There are no representation forms for this consultation.

The need to provide this SPD was agreed at the examination of the Craven Local Plan and paragraph 6.20 of the adopted Plan’s supporting text to Policy H2: Affordable Housing confirms the Council’s commitment to its publication. The delivery of affordable homes for local people is an important Council objective and an SPD which assists applicants in preparing and submitting policy compliant planning applications for affordable housing will contribute to this objective.

The Council is aware that the Government is currently consulting on a fundamental reform of the planning system and some changes to the NPPF that will affect the delivery of affordable homes as well as many other matters. This does not obviate the need for the Council to seek to approve this draft SPD following public consultation.

If you require any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Spatial Planning Team (formerly the Planning Policy Team) via the contact details set out above.

The Spatial Planning Team
Craven District Council