Co-op Local Cause Scheme – Railings

The Co-op in Gargrave runs a local sponsorship scheme which their members can take advantage of to support local worthy causes.  The local cause the Parish Council is supporting is the refurbishment of the railings on the bridge, described below. This scheme will support the sanding down and repainting, plus the materials required to bring these railings back to their best.

Full details of how the local cause scheme works is available from the Co-op website, but basically it calculates a Community Member Reward based on the value of your purchases and donates that to the Parish Council cause.

If you are an existing member of the C0-op then you can log on to the Co-op website and follow the link to and chose the option to support the Parish Council, as described below.

If you are not a member of the Co-op then you will need to create a membership account first before  following the instructions above.